CME Faculty Guide

Login Instructions

There are two log-in account options for iLearn:

  • Single Sign-On Account for NCHS employees and affiliates wishing to log in using their NCHS email and password.
  • Visitor Login Account for anyone wishing to use a personal email when creating their account.

There are no access differences for either account type, both will allow you to use this platform without restrictions. If suspect you may already have an iLearn account or are not sure and wish to clarify, you may or call us at 305-669-5857.

How to Create an Account

There are two account types, Single Sign On (SSO) for NCHS Employees, and Visitor Accounts open for everyone. There is no difference between NCHS Email and Visitor Accounts other than how you log in. Both accounts have the same level of account access.

If you're unsure which account to create or use, we recommend deciding based on which email you prefer to access. If you regularly access your NCHS email, create an SSO account, but if you do not then we recommend you use a personal email so you can receive course notifications and reminders.

NCHS and NCPS Employees can activate an account via Single Sign-On
After creating your account make sure to always choose the "Login with NCHS Email Account" option.
  1. Click here to open the employee log-in page. This link will open in a new tab so you can continue to follow these directions.
  2. Log in using your Microsoft 365 credentials.
  3. After logging in, you must complete your user profile details. Fill in all the required fields.
Single Sign-On accounts do not transfer personal information over and must be completed via the Edit Profile menu.
If you need to reset your password, you must do so through Microsoft 365, or contact the NCHS IT Department
You can also create a Visitor Account
After creating your account make sure to always choose the "Visitor Login" option.
Click here to launch the account creation page. This link will open in a new tab so you can continue to follow these directions.
If you already have a visitor account and need to request a new password, you may do so by clicking here.

Troubleshooting Login Issues & FAQ

Below are some common issues encountered when logging in

My username and password not working.
Make sure you are choosing the correct login option. If you are seeing a Microsoft login page, and you are NOT an NCH employee, you've selected the NCH Email login option in error. Visit the website again and click the Visitor Account login option.
I've logged in but none of the assigned forms are listed in my account.
Make sure you are logged in through the correct account. Check the email invitation sent. We generally include information about the type of account that you have. If you are an employee with a visitor account but logged in with your NCHS email in error, the forms will not be visible. You will have to log back in with the correct account.
I have two accounts in error which causes log-in confusion.
Use our Contact Us form to request an account merge if we have not approached you to do so already.
I don't know which kind of account to create/keep, which is better? Is there a difference?
The only difference between NCHS Email and Visitor Accounts is how you log in. There is no difference in the level of account access.
NCHS Email accounts do have the benefit of allowing you to log in with the same credentials as your NCH account, but you will need to authenticate your login from time to time, and your password will change every 3 months.
Visitor accounts have the benefit of receiving system notifications and reminders to the personal email tied to the account, which can be more accessible than an NCH email.

Last Updated Dec. 2023