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Your Account & Records

Should I create an account with my personal or NCH email account? 
You can use either or, but we recommend that you use your NCH email account if you have access to it. If you rarely use it or don't have easy access to the emails, please use a personal account.
What do I do if I no longer have access to my NCH email and password? 
If you are no longer employed by NCHS or do not have NCHS credentials, create a new account with a personal email. Once your account has been created, use the Contact Us form and select "Account Related" to request for your old and new accounts to be merged. All the information from your old NCHS account will be transferred to the new account.
Do international Residents qualify for discount registration pricing (where applicable)? 
Please refer to each course's registration price chart when determining the availability of discounted prices.
International Residents do qualify for discounted registration, provided they present the requested documentation. Unless otherwise specified, we normally request a letter or email from your program director as proof of your program enrollment. You may submit the documentation using the Contact Us form, or email it to

Credits & Certificates

Will my credits from the old iLearn and CME Tracker websites be available? 
As of December 2020, all credits recorded in our old platform have been transferred to iLear. Credits earned in early 2020 are also now in the new system. If you do not see credits in your account and you believe you should, please reach out to us using the Contact Us form as your credits might have not linked over and will have to be pushed manually.
Why are there no awarded credits in My Account? 
Please send us a message. If your old credits have not been transferred yet, we can do so at your request, or send you a transcript from our old system.
Why can't I see my name on my certificate? 
Please go to the menu and select "Edit Profile" under "My Account" and complete the question "How would you like your name to appear on your certificates?".
Will you report my credits to CE Broker? 
This system will begin reporting credits to CE Broker in December 2020. Not all activities will be reported, please refer to the CE Broker badge on the activity's accreditation description. Please check the CE Broker Reporting page for more information
Please note: due to licensing requirements we currently ONLY report CME records earned by Medical Doctors. We DO NOT report credits for Osteopathic Physicians, APRNs, RNs, etc. All other licensed professionals must self-report.
Do you offer CEUs/CEs for other licenses?
Each course will list the type of credits available for completing said course. Please make sure you review the accreditation statement for each course or the Course Overview page for a list of available credits. Some courses can offer multiple credit types, including CMEs, MOCs, Attendance Credits, etc.

Live Activities

Will you be offering a virtual version of this session? 
Please review each activity's details for availability information. 
Unless otherwise stated, all our Pediatric Grand Round sessions are recorded and made available as virtual courses, as well as our internal Faculty Development sessions. Our recurring live conferences (Cardiology Conference, Tumor Board, Radiology Conference, and Trauma Conference) are not recorded and are not available as virtual activities. 
Current Grand Round sessions are generally made available as virtual courses within 24 hours from the session taking place, and as early as 5 pm on the same day of the live session. 
For symposia and larger conferences, please review the details on the activity page. While some symposia and conferences may be recorded, the recorded version may not include all of the conference content, or may not be accredited for CE/CME Hours.

Virtual Courses

I already watched the video, why can't I advance to the next part of the course? 
Many of our Video-On-Demand courses require a user to watch a certain percentage of the video before being marked as "complete" for that course object. Without "completing" the video portion, you will not be able to advance to the next portion of the course.
  1. First, read the text above the video player. Most videos on our platform will require people to watch at least 60% of the video, but it may be different depending on the course. You should see a message above the video that states what the percentage required is.
  2. Then, watch the video for the required amount. Skipping through will not count towards the total watch time. Our video player will consider any portion of the video played towards the total watch time, but pressing the pause button, skipping ahead, and then pressing play, will not count and will be recorded by the system as you attempt to skip through. (Unless the video requires 100% watch time, you will not be required to watch the complete video as long as you meet the minimum required percentage.)
Example: Refer to the screenshots below from our video-player tracking system.
The image below shows a user that has skipped through the video. The green portions are the "played" portions of the video, and even though the user has watched a portion at the end they will not be able to advance as only 36% of the video watched. 
In this second example, the image shows a user who watched 85% of a video that required 80% of the video to be watched to proceed. They did not watch the end of the video, but because they watched a combined percentage of the video that was greater than the requirement, they were able to advance.


Why is it asking me to pay? (Virtual Grand Rounds) 
Our Virtual Pediatric Grand Round fees cover the administrative costs related to the maintenance of records and documentation as required by the ACCME. The fee is based on a cost of $25/CME Hour and is only charged after the course requirements are completed, meaning the course itself, the lecture video, and handouts, are available for free. Payment is only required once a registrant chooses to request a certificate of completion. 
Discounted Pricing is available depending on profession and affiliation. A detailed price table is available below with our current rates as of September 2023.
Virtual Grand Rounds Processing Fees Table Expand Close


Fee (per CE/CME Hour)
Domestic & International Physicians
- For doctors not affiliated with NCHS.
$25/Credit Hour
PAs/ APRNs/ and Other Professionals
- For allied health professionals not affiliated with NCHS.
$15/Credit Hour
NCHS Credentialed Physicians
- Has hospital privileges but is not employed by NCHS and does not conduct business within an NCHS facility.
$15/Credit Hour
Resident/ Fellow/ Medical Student outside of NCHS*
- Must submit a letter or email from your program director to confirm active enrollment & receive your discount coupon.
Free with coupon*
NHCS Medical & Non-Medical Staff
- This includes physician & non-physician employees like Geographic Staff, Medical Students, Residents, Fellows, Emeritus, Alumni, ARNPs, PAs, and other non-medical staff.
Non-Certificate seeking learners
- Course content is available for free. You will not be charged a fee unless you choose to proceed to claim credits or a certificate for this course.
To receive discounted pricing based on your profession/affiliation you must ensure this information is correct in your profile. When you get to the payment window then select the correct affiliation option, wait for the change to process, and proceed. The fee amount will be adjusted accordingly.
CME staff regularly reviews transactions processed through our system. Anyone found to be registering for a course under the wrong affiliation will be contacted for correction. If you are found to have a balance due, we will reach out to you with an updated invoice for payment, and any credits will be withheld until the balance is settled.

System Transition

Why did I receive a notice for a course that I did not register for? 
This notice is due to the transfer records from our old system. From time to time you may see credits added to your account. When a record is added the system will notify you that you are now registered for "Course Name". You can verify your credits assigned from your activities dashboard.
When will "Course" be available? 
At this time all of the content from our old platforms that was deemed to still be relevant or valid has been ported over to this new platform. As courses have aged, some content may have been deemed too out-of-date and has since been retired.