Step by Step

Meeting planners or program chairs wishing to request CME sponsorship from the Department of Medical Education at Nicklaus Children's Hospital for their planned educational activities are required to follow the steps and timeline below in starting the application process. Click on the links below to be directed to a step-by-step planning process for your CME activity.

Step 1 - Plan (Before)

Time FrameTaskCompleted By
6 Months Before Activity
  1. Activity Chair completes and submits a CME Activity Request Form.
  2. Activity Chair and all Planners shall complete and submit a Financial Relationship Attestation and a Disclosure Form (assigned to each faculty member within their user profile).
  3. Activity Chair reviews the Course Director's Responsibilities
Activity Chair and Planners
5 Months Before Activity
  • Activity Chair awaits notification of approval of Activity Request. Any relevant financial relationship should be mitigated prior to proceeding with the planning process.
Activity Chair, CME Director, and Committee
  1. Schedule a meeting with CME Staff to discuss steps and CME Checklist deadlines.
  2. CME Department provides an orientation to the platform, forms, and roles.

Activity Chair and CME Staff

    4-5 Months Before Activity
    • Once all relevant financial relationships of the activity director and planner(s) are mitigated, complete and submit a CME Application Form along with the following documents:
    1. Draft agenda
    2. List of confirmed speakers
    3. Proposed Budget (Contact the CME Department for the template.)
    4. Marketing Materials (when ready) for review
    5. AV Request Form
    6. Proposed Evaluation Forms
    • If the activity is a Regularly Scheduled Series, the activity chair must complete one of the following:

    a. CME Application Form for the entire series, if the sessions have the same theme

    b. CME Application Form for the entire series and an RSS addendum for each session, if the sessions vary in theme

    Activity Chair

    • The CME Department designs the activity's registration site or dedicated landing page based on feedback from the Activity Chair and Planners.

    CME Staff

    4 Months Before Activity
    • If soliciting educational grants or exhibitor support, submit one of the following:

    a. Educational grants - A signed Written Agreement for Commercial Support for each commercial entity

    b. Exhibitors - A signed exhibitor agreement

    • Please note that there are differences in policy between exhibitors and educational grants. All grants requests and exhibitor agreements MUST be reviewed by CME staff prior to execution in order to ensure compliance.

    Activity Chair

    • The CME Department sends letters to faculty to collect faculty disclosures, CVs, and other documents.

    CME Staff

    2 Months Before Activity
    • OPTIONAL - Submit a revised preliminary budget.

    Activity Chair or Planner(s)


    CME Director and Activity Chair


    Step 2 - Do (During)

    Time FrameTaskCompleted By
    During the Activity
    1. Maintain accurate sign-in sheets.
    2. Collect evaluation sheets from attendees:
      1. Faculty Evaluation
      2. Activity Evaluation
      3. Pre and Post Surveys

    Activity Planner(s)


      Activity Chair, Activity Planner, or Moderator

      Step 3 - Study/Act (After)

      Time FrameTaskCompleted By
      2 Weeks After Activity
      • Submit all sign-in sheets, evaluations, and forms collected during the event to the CME Department.
      Activity Planner(s)
      1 Month After Activity
      1. The CME Department grants CME credits based on attendance records, sign-in sheets, and/or evaluation forms.
      2. Emails are sent to attendees with instructions on claiming their CME certificates.

      CME Staff

        2 Months After Activity
        1. Submit copies of the final syllabus and/or handouts.
        2. Submit a final budget report. (Contact the CME Department for the template.)

        Activity Chair or Planner(s)

          • The CME staff distributes the Evaluation Summary Reports to the CME Director (and optionally, to the Activity Chair).
            • Speaker Valuation by Learners
            • Event Evaluation by Learners
            • Pre/Post Survey Gap Analysis Report

          CME Staff

          3 Months After Activity
          • If applicable, consider a 3-month Post-Activity Survey to assess practice change.

          Activity Chair

          4 Months After Activity

          Activity Chair or Planner(s)