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Course Reporting

Beginning December 2020 all activities or session listed on iLearn will include a badge stating whether or not the credits for that activity will be reported to CE Broker: 

Provider Reports to CE Broker

Courses with this badge report automatically to CE Broker once CME Credit is claimed.
For this function to work, the user MUST have a complete user profile. A list of courses/sessions that report automatically can be found below.

Licensee Must Self-Report to CE Broker

Courses with this badge will not be reported to CE Broker by our system, automatically or manually.
The user must obtain their transcript and report the credits earned for this activity/series directly to CE Broker.

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To ensure your credits are reported to CE Broker the following conditions must be met:

  • You must be a Florida Board of Medicine Licensed Physician (we only report CE Broker credits for Medical Doctors licensed by the FL Board of Medicine) 
  • You MUST have a complete user profile. Make sure to log-in, go to Edit Profile, and update all the required fields. A detailed guide with instructions on how to complete the user profile can be downloaded here: PDF icon User Guide - Editing Account (SSO Users).pdf
    • Profiles must include the following fields: First name, last name, State, Profession, Date of Birth (mond and date only), and license number.
    • License numbers must follow the following format: ME#####. Credits will not report accurately if your license number is entered as...:
      • Numbers only (ex: "12345")
      • Including spaces between the alpha & numeric characters (ex: "ME_12345")
      • Multiple licenses (ex. "ME12345, DN67891")
      • Non Medical Doctor licenses (ex. "OS12345" or "RN45678") - please note your credit will still be valid, however you will be required to self-report your credits.
  • Make sure the course/session has the correct badge.
  • Make sure you complete all the required portions of the course/session (the course/session should be listed in your "completed" activities, not pending).

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List of Reported Activities

As in past years, we are manually reporting the following activities from in 2019 and 2020 to CE Broker and their reporting status. 

Credits earned AFTER December 2020 will be reported into CE Broker automatically if all conditions are met. If your credits from the activities below are not showing on CE Broker, and you believe they should be, please contact us. In the majority of cases, the reason is the attendee did not complete the required forms to claim CME. Other times, the individual failed to provide a Medical License nuber and your credit could not be verified.

DateTitleReport Status
01/25/2019Grand Rounds - Domestic ViolenceReported to CE Broker
05/19/20191st Annual Pediatric Hospital Medicine Self-AssessmentReported to CE Broker
05/19/201922nd Annual General Pediatric Review & Self-AssessmentReported to CE Broker
06/29/20162019 Nicklaus Children's Hospital Medical Staff Retreat (Medical Errors & Domestic Violence)Reported to CE Broker
05/04/20192nd Annual Vascular Birthmarks Meeting: Trends and InnovationReported to CE Broker
03/03/201954th Annual Pediatric Postgraduate CourseReported to CE Broker
01/17/2020Grand Rounds - Domestic ViolenceReported to CE Broker
01/15/2020Grand Rounds- Patient Safety and Prevention of Medical ErrorsReported to CE Broker
03/01/202055th Annual Pediatric Postgraduate CourseReported to CE Broker
11/06/2020Grand Rounds - Prevention of Medical Errors (Live)Reported to CE Broker
11/06/2020Grand Rounds - Prevention of Medical Errors (On-Demand)Completions after 11/13/2020 will be reported automatically, prior completions are pending.
VirtualAll available Virtual Grand Rounds (click to view list)All completions after 12/01/2020 will be reported to CE Broker. All credits for courses required for renewals will be reported by us.
LiveGrand Round Series (from December 01, 2020 and on)Reported to CE Broker automatically when all requirements are completed.
Virtual2020 Virtual Board Review & Self Assessment To be reported
Virtual7th Annual Virtual Pediatric Critical Care & Self AssessmentTo be reported
VirtualHuman Growth Foundation Education Day 2020To be reported

(This list was last updated 12/03/2020)

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Reporting Requirements   List of Reported Activities  Reporting to CE Broker