Task Deadlines

Speaker Confirmation Form – ASAP SpeakersFriday,  Feb. 16, 2024
Faculty Profile ALL FacultyFriday,  Mar. 1, 2024
Financial Relationships & Assigned CME FormsALL FacultyFriday,  Mar. 1, 2024
Slide/Presentation UploadAny faculty presenting materialFriday,  Mar. 8, 2024
MOC Question SubmissionSpeakersWednesday,  Mar. 13, 2024

Task Descriptions and Details

Here is a breakdown of the assigned tasks, why we collect them, and when they are due.

Speaker Confirmation Form
Due: February 16, 2024

This form is required to be completed immediately after receiving your invitation to icipate as it will be used to prepare for your session.
With this form, you can notify us of any special accommodations required for your presentation (such as setting up video playback, audience polling, additional audio elements, etc.)

Faculty Profile
Due: March 1, 2024

Information for CME Staff
Required for all. We will only use this information to reach out for forms and urgent matters

Curriculum Vitae
CVs are required for speakers, course chairs, and moderators, and are a CME requirement. If you are unable to upload your CV to the form you can also forward the information via email.

Public Profile (Photo & Bio)
All program faculty have a visible profile for learners participating in an activity, regardless of their role within an activity. If you do not provide a photo, we will use any previously provided photo (for NCHS members) or a placeholder. You can include a short bio with links or contact information, but be aware this information is available to users enrolled in our platform and visitors.

Financial Relationships & Assigned Forms
Due: March 1, 2024
Assigned Forms:

Required for all activity faculty, whether they are a presenter or part of the planning committee. The CME Director and Activity Chair will review all disclosures to identify any potential relevant financial relationships. The CME Director decides on the mechanism for mitigating any relevant relationships found via the COI Resolution/Peer Review Form.

Speaker Agreement
This form is required from anyone presenting, speaking, or moderating a CME activity. This form will ask you to affirm your compliance with the appropriate standards and to ensure balance, independence, objectivity, and scientific rigor as a participant in our educational activities.

Photo/Recording Waiver
Required when sessions are planned to be recorded, or if photography is expected during the session.

Slide Upload
Due: March 08, 2024

You must provide a copy of your presentation by the deadline. The 58th PPGC will feature live translation services for our international audience, and the slides must be submitted with enough time for our translators to prepare. Slides are also required for CME accreditation. We will create and provide a PDF handout from your slides to the audience - we will omit any notes or hidden slides in this handout.
You may upload/submit your presentation slides through the submission form or by attaching and sending them via email. The form has a file size limit of 1GB, please contact us if you need to upload a larger file.
A note regarding PHI - When referencing patient stories, results, etc., you must ensure all PHI data has been removed from any images/narratives included in your presentation, before submitting your slides and presenting. It is your responsibility to notify us when there may be PHI present.

MOC Question Submission 
Due: March 13, 2024 
As the author of your presentation & expert in your topic, we ask for your assistance in preparing the MOC coursework required for participants who register for MOC Part 2 credit. Please complete the following form to submit two multiple-choice questions related to the content of your talk. You will need to provide: TWO multiple-choice questions, with at least FOUR answer options.to