CME Instructions

Daily Requirements:
Mark your attendance each day you attend.
Complete the speaker evaluations at the end of each day.
General Requirements:
Complete the Activity Evaluation & Credit Attestation Form: NOTE Do not complete until you have completed all the portions you wish to complete. After your submission is received, your credit attestation will be reviewed, and your attendance will be verified. You will then be awarded any credits claimed for the sessions you attended. You will not be able to return to claim additional credits - you should only submit this form once you are satisfied with your participation.

NOTE: If you miss any of the lectures, you will need to wait until the recordings become available to claim credit.

General Course Instructions

Parking at the 5301 Blue Lagoon Parking Garage, located west of the office building. Make sure to entering & exit through the VISITOR'S entrance in the roundabout only (for more information view the Course Venue Page).
For parking validation, please pick up the validation sticker from the registration desk before leaving. Remember this will only work when exiting through the side of the Visitor's Entrance (roundabout).
On Site:
Devices are not required, however we recommend bringing your phone, tablet, or laptop, to review course materials, or something to take notes during the presentations.
Outlets will be available for participants to charge their devices. Make sure to bring your own charging cables for your devices.
Wifi is available through the NCHS GUEST Network. NCHS Employees/trainees can connect throught the NCHS CORP Network using their employee credentials.
Food will be provided for breakfast, lunch, and breaks as noted in the Course Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Can I miss any days of the conference?
Yes, you can still participate if you miss a day, however you will have to wait untill the recordings of the sessions missed are processed and made available. We estimate the videos will be edited and made available in June. The sessions will not be streamed.
Can I still pick up my badge if I miss day 1?
Yes, badges will be available from the check-in/registration desk
How do I mark my attendance for the conference?
Option 1: scan the attendance QR codes and complete the attendance form.
Option 2: register with our staff at the check-in/registration desk

CME Registration Questions

Can I still get CME's if I miss the lectures?
Yes, you can still watch them once the recordings become available in June and claim any missed credit.

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