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Thank you for registering to participate in our Practical Community Pediatric Sessions

How to Claim Attendance Credits

Here are the instructions on how to claim attendance credits for the activity you registered for.– make sure to read all steps below and contact us at cme@nicklaushealth.org with any questions you may have.


List of Requirements


In order to claim attendance credits for this session, you will need to do the following. Instructions for each step are below.

  • Register for the event (you have already done this)
  • Attend the session - you will receive the information after registering
  • Mark your attendance during the session. (You will have 18 hours to do this)
  • Complete the Forms on iLearn – Speaker & Activity Evaluation(s), and any additional surveys. (You will have 15 days to do this)
  • Notify the CME Department of your course completion using the button on the course. (No payment needed if you're only requesting attendance credits)


Instructions for Completing Requirements


STEP 1/4 – Make an account on www.iLearnPeds.com
If you do not have one already, do so now – DO NOT wait until after the session. Detailed instructions for creating an account can be viewed by clicking here (video and pdf guide available).

► If you entered “Unsure” during your registration when asked if you had an account, we have been notified and we will be contacting you once we confirm your account status.

STEP 2/4 – Mark your attendance during the session
Pay attention for the attendance code given out during the session. The code will be shown at the beginning and end of the session, and also be posted in the meeting chat (zoom chat). An example of how the code is shown can be seen below.

To mark your attendance using the code you must text the code to 954-266-0882. You have to register your cellphone number to your iLearn account for this to work. Instructions on how to register your phone number can be seen by clicking here. If you are not able to text the code you can enter it online at www.ilearnpeds.com/attendance.

► Important: This code is unique to every session and will expire approximately noon of the following day. You will not have access to the forms if you do not complete this step.


STEP 3/4 – Complete the session forms
You will receive an email after marking your attendance with a link to the course page where you can complete the forms. You can also access them by going to iLearnPeds.com/pcp-seminar-series and clicking “Claim CME/Attendance Credit” below your session.

Once on the page, click “Take Course” and use the navigation bar at the bottom of the page to go through the required forms.

STEP 4/4 – Claim attendance / Pay the CME Fee to claim CMEs
If you are ONLY claiming an attendance certificate for this session: click the “notify CME team” button on the Claim Attendance page. You will be marked as completed for the course and the certificate will be assigned within 2 business days.

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