Adding a Mobile Number to your iLearn User Profile

Monday, August 17, 2020

Adding your mobile phone to your iLearn account might seem unnecessary, but has a few benefits:

  1. Easily check in and mark your attendance without having to log in to the website
  2. Receive updates and notifications when participating on a live session or course
  3. Manage the hours when you receive your message

To add your phone number, log int to your account and follow the steps below. Make sure you have your phone handy to complete all the steps below

1. Hover your mouse over "My Account" on the menu bar and click "Edit Profile". 


2. On the "Edit Profile" page, click "Mobile" to enter the phone settings page. 


3. Enter your phone number and country, then click "Confirm Number". You will be sent a confirmation code to your mobile phone


4. Enter the 4 digit code you received on your mobile phone in the field below. Then click "Confirm Number" again. Your phone number will now be saved to your iLearn account.


Once your number is saved to your iLearn Account, you can also edit the times in which you will receive SMS messages. Make sure to enter a time that will allow for notifications to come in while your attending an activity. You will ONLY be sent messages during activities you attend. You can return to this page at any time to edit your Sleep Time settings.

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