Renewing your license - Navigating, CE Broker, and CME Credits

Friday, November 12, 2021 - by Gabriela Martinez

It's that time again - renewal season for Florida Board of Medicine Medical Doctors. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or just starting your licensed medical career, we know just how difficult the renewal process can be - between iLearn and other learning management systems, CE Broker, self-reporting, etc., it's easy to get lost. We hope to provide you with some guidance on the renewal process, answer some common questions, and make it easier for you to be ready for that January 2022 deadline.

We want to begin by addressing the most common questions we receive regarding and our reporting process, and then address questions on credit earning and how to meet your requirements.

Do we report credits automatically?

The answer to this question depends on both the learner and the course. Each activity on iLearn (live or on-demand) will list the reporting status for earned credits. Credits will be generally reported by us (the provider), or each licensee will be required to Self-Report. The following badges indicating the status will be shown in the activity description.

 Provider reports CME Automatically    Licensee must Self-Report credits to CE Broker

Detailed descriptions of each reporting method can be seen on our CE Broker Reporting information pageWe also have to clarify that we only report to the Florida Board of Medicine, meaning for licensed Medical Doctors and Medical Doctors in Training - not DOs, PAs, APRNs, RNs, etc. While we will award AMA PRA Category I TM CME credits to any qualifying learner, our department is only registered with the Florida Board of Medicine for reporting via CE Broker. This means all non-MD learners must self-report to CE Broker.

Can we see your credit progress and tell you what requirements you are missing?

This is a common question we get and, unfortunately, the answer is no. iLearn & CE Broker are two different reporting systems, with iLearn feeding information to CE Broker, and CE Broker keeping tabs of all of your earned credits, regardless of the provider. This means we can only see the credits you have earned through our activities and not those you have completed elsewhere. We recommend keeping a detailed record of activities completed outside of iLearn, especially from large conferences. Save any certificates you may have received, and report them to CE Broker as soon as possible.

I completed courses on iLearn and earned credits for an activity that reports automatically, but my credits are not listed on CE Broker. Why are my credits not showing up?

First, verify that your learner profile is complete. You must have your license number listed (including the alpha characters, i.e. ME#####), you must also check the box stating you wish your credits to be reported to CE Broker. Then, verify your license number is listed correctly. If your credits are still not showing up, confirm you are eligible for automatic reporting

How do I self-report to CE Broker? Do I need an account? 

Please visit the CE Broker FAQ website for detailed instructions on how to self-report your credits. You must have an account to report your earned credits. CE Broker has two types of accounts, a free account and a paid subscription account. Both will allow you to report your credits and apply for your license renewal, but having a paid subscription gives you more features that let you easily track what requirements are missing. 

How many credits do I need to renew my License? 

(This answer only applies to Medical Doctors in the state of Florida - for other licenses please review the instructions provided directly from your licensing board) As of the publishing of this article, Medical Doctors in the state of Florida need 38 general hours of CE/CME courses, and 2 hours of each of the following: Preventing Medical Errors (every renewal), and Domestic Violence (every 3rd Biennium). Domestic Violence credits count towards the total 38 general hours, meaning even if you complete it outside of the required cycle the credits will still count towards your renewal requirements. An additional 2 hour Prescribing Controlled Substances course is required for any physician registered with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency

If you are renewing your license for the first time you are exempt from the general credit requirement and are only required to complete 2 hours of Preventing Medical Errors, and 1 hour of HIV/AIDS. To view the full list of requirements, criteria for approved providers, and additional methods of meeting your general hours, visit the Florida Board of Medicine website.

For all other licensed practitioners in the state, the Florida Department of Health has a detailed list of boards and requirements for licensing and renewals

Can I complete the required courses online or do I have to complete them "live"? What courses do you offer that I can use for my renewal?

For the required subject area courses: We normally schedule Grand Rounds sessions to take place every year in December or January for the required subject areas. These normally include Domestic Violence, Prevention of Medical Errors, Human Trafficking, and/or an HIV/AIDS course. As of Fall 2020, with the launch of our platform, we also offer these sessions on a virtual video-on-demand format which can be completed at any time. To view our currently scheduled Grand Rounds sessions, and to view our available on-demand courses for the required subject areas, you can view our Re-licensure Courses page.

For the required Controlled Substance course: We had planned to offer a Prescribing Controlled substance course prior to the January 2022 renewal deadline, however this course has been postponed until further notice. For those providers that need this course, please follow the link above to our Re-licensure Courses page, there you will find links to courses provided outside of our institution that can help you meet the requirement. This course, unlike the other subject-area courses, requires special approval from the Florida Board of Medicine. As we do not anticipate receiving approval in time for this renewal cycle, we have chosen to postpone the course.

For the required General Area Credits: As with the other credits, your General Area CE/CME credits can be completed with us through both live activities or on-demand virtual activities. For a complete list of our live activities and dates, please view our Live Activities Catalog which includes links & information on our annual conferences, as well as weekly meetings that offer CME (such as our weekly Grand Rounds series, or Radiology & Cardiology Conferences, etc.). In addition to these sessions, if you are unable to attend live you can also view our Virtual Grand Rounds Catalog. Virtual Grand Rounds include recordings from all of our previous Grand Round sessions and are available at any time. You can complete them at home or in the office, listen to the sessions in your car, or at the gym. Like the live sessions, virtual Grand Rounds require that all learners complete a pre & post survey, they also require that you watch the recording for a certain amount of time before you can be marked as "completed". Please note though that unlike our live sessions, most Virtual Grand Rounds may require that learners pay a fee before claiming CMEs (discounts are available for NCH staff, students, and affiliates)

We hope the information below helps you get a little closer to completing your requirements. If you are not due to renew until the next cycle, in 2023, take the time now make sure your iLearn Profile is up to date and you are completing the activity requirements for any session you participate in so that your credits are properly assigned. In a year we host approximately 30 Grand Rounds Sessions, with 2 or more accounting for 2 hours of credit - that is an estimated 34 hours of CME in one year if you attend every session, putting you well within the required 38 general credits that must be completed in a 2-year cycle. Make sure to get your credits early to avoid any reporting issues and complications.

Remember we are here to help! If we did not answer your questions please contact us at or leave your question in the comments below.

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