Have you attended any of our CME events?

Are you looking for your Credits? Need your Transcript?

Welcome to the new iLearPeds.com - our new online CME portal!

If you previously used CME Tracker or the old iLearn website to access and print your CME documents, you've come to the right place. As of July 2, 2020, Nicklaus Children's Hospital launched this new platform to create a one-stop place for anyone previously enrolled in any of our CME activites, and for those looking to enrol in our future programs and sessions. Here are some quick facts about our new platform:

  • This is a brand new system - you will need a new account! For those of you employed or working at NCHS, you can use the Single Sign On (SSO) function. Click the link to learn how to activate your account. If you are NOT an NCHS employee, or do not have an NCHS email, you can create a visitor account. Click the link to learn how.
  • Your credits have been transfered to this system! If your CME Tracker and old iLearn account share the same email as your NEW iLearn account, all your credits from 2019 and older should be available. We have instructional videos explaining how to view and print transcripts and certificates here.
  • Credits from 2020 are not ALL in the new system, but will be available before the end of Nov. 2020. If you're missing any credits, send us a message or call 305-669-5873.
  • We have more information on the new platform available on the FAQ Page

We recommend you create an account in this new platform as soon as possible so that you still have access to your credits. The old iLearn platform is no longer available, and CME Tracker access will also end later this year.

If you still wish to access CME tracker and obtain the credits in your old account, please contact us for instructions.