Internal Training

This is an internal course aimed at providing the necessary training for rotating staff. Special permission is needed in order to gain access to these activities. If you have been assigned any of these courses and are unable to access them, please contact your program director.

Target Audience

NCHS employees, volunteers, rotators, interns, and staff assigned.

Course summary
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You will need the access code in order to enroll in the course. If you do not know the access code, please contact your program coordinator.

Required Hardware/software

We recommend the following hardware/software to successfully view/complete this course:

For ease of use, we strongly recommend using a desktop computer to complete this course. The following desktop web browsers are compatible with our system:

Desktop: Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft EDGE, and Opera

While not recommended, if you are familiar with completing courses online you may complete this course using a mobile device. For those wishing to complete this activity on Mobile, the following systems are recommended:

Apple iPhones and iPad devices on iOS 10 or later
Android phones and tablets on Android OS 4.4 or later using the suported web browsers listed above.

If you encounter any issues while accessing our courses, please contact