Updates on CE Broker, Re-licensure credits, and automatic reporting

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

(The following information was also emailed to the available med-staff distribution list on Monday, Nov. 16)

As the end of the re-licensure cycle approaches, you might have questions related to the reporting of the CME Credits in CE Broker. Here are some points of clarifications and instructions on our new CME platform:

  1. All of your earned CME Credits have been transferred to this new CME platform, iLearnPeds.com. If you don’t have an account yet, you must create one to be able to obtain your transcripts. We will not be able to create a transcript without an iLearn account.
  2. NCHS CME Department only has records of CME Credits Sponsored by NCHS – Other national meetings you may have attended with CME sponsored by other organizations (e.g. AAP, PAS, ) will not be included in your transcript.
  3. In regards to reporting in CE Broker, while we are registered with CE Broker as a provider, we will not be able to directly report all of your NCHS earned CME Credits into CE broker this year. It was our intention to switch to this new platform with the hopes that we can begin reporting credits automatically, however due to unforeseen issues with the platform this does not look actionable. As in past years, we will only report the following activities from 2019 and 2020 to CE Broker: Large conferences & Symposiums (The annual Pediatric Postgraduate Course,  annual Board Review courses, etc.) and re-licensure Grand Rounds sessions. A list of activities and their reporting status can be found here: www.iLearnPeds.com/relicensure 
  4. Each individual provider may report their earned credits (Self-Report) in CE Broker by uploading their CME Transcript from iLearn to their own CE Broker profile. Instructions on how to obtain your transcript can be found here www.iLearnPeds.com/content/how-access-your-transcripts
  5. Beginning December 2020 all activities or session listed on iLearn will include a badge stating whether or not the credits for that activity will be reported to CE Broker. We now have a detailed guide that explains how to our CE Broker reporting works here (link available under About Us in the menu)


Below are some downloadable PDF guides with step-by-step instructions on how to make an iLearnPeds.com account, how to pull and save your CME Transcript, and how to view your activities.

PDF icon User Guide - Making an Account and Logging in.pdf

PDF icon User Guide - Transcripts & Certificates.pdf

In addition, we will be holding training sessions and Zoom office hours to provide you with assistance for the iLearnPeds.com platform beginning this Friday, November 20, and will have dates available until the end of January. If you are interested in attending any of these sessions and wish to view available dates, please click here to register: https://cme.nicklauschildrens.org/LiveTraining

Do you have any questions on this update or future events? Leave them on the comments below!

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