The 58th Annual Pediatric Postgraduate Course - March 24-26, 2023 - Loews Hotel, Coral Gables

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Venue Information for Attendees

General Instructions

Here are some important reminders and notifications for you to keep in mind as we get closer to the conference:

  • Remember to bring the following:
    • A laptop or tablet device. This is not required but will allow you to view course material during the session and complete CME requirements as you go,
    • Make sure to bring charging cables and plugs to have your device fully charged each day, there will be a limited number of power strips available for attendees to charge between sessions.
    • No hard copies of the course handouts or materials will be provided, but you will be able to access them through the event web app (more info to come)
    • Don’t forget to pack a sweater, the conference rooms may be chilly!
  • This is a live, in-person course. We will NOT be streaming any portion of the activity, but we will be recording the lectures. All registrants will have access to the lecture recordings in April once they have been processed by our editing department,
  • The Break-out sessions will not be recorded. Due to the hands-on nature of most of our break-out sessions, in-person attendance is required. The break-out sessions begin after lunch, at 1:00 pm, on Friday and Saturday, March 24 and 25. There are no break-out sessions scheduled for Sunday. 
  • Directions to the Hotel
  • Parking:
    • If you are staying at the Loews: ​​​​​​Parking is not included in the room rate
    • Valet parking at the hotel is $36 plus tax. Conference attendees will receive a 15% discount, make sure to notify the vale attendant that you are there for the Nicklaus PPGC Course to receive the discounted rate. To valet, turn right onto Palermo from Ponce De Leon, and veer a quick right onto Coconut Grove Drive. Pass the visitor center and the hotel/valet will be on the right-hand side.
    • Self-Parking is NOT discounted as the garages are not managed by the hotel. If you chose to self-park, we recommend doing so through the Malaga entrance as it is closest to the hotel. There is a hotel elevator that will take guests to the lobby level or 7th floor for event space.
  • The course web app will be available soon! You will receive a separate email with instructions to access the course content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still get CME's if I miss the lectures?
If you are registered for CE/CME and you miss the morning lectures, you can watch them once the recordings become available in April and claim any missed CMEs.
Do I have to participate in the Breakout Sessions to get all the CME credits?
CME's are awarded to those who participate in the sessions. To earn CME's for the breakouts, attendance is required. Make sure to mark your attendance using the code provided in the room to be able to complete the CME requirements once the sessions have adjourned.

CE/CME Instructions

These isntructions are specific to CE/CME registrants

  • If you miss any of the lectures don't worry! You will be able to watch and claim CME credit for any of the missed lectures once the recordings become available, and will have access to the recordings and course material for 6 months.
  • If you miss all the break-out sessions, the maximum amount of credits you will be able to claim is 9.75 CME credits. The break-out sessions on Friday are 1hr 30min long and are 1.5 CME credits each. On Saturday, the sessions are 1hr 15min long and are worth 1.25 CME credits each. 
  • To earn CE/CME Credit registrants must complete a list of Daily and General requirements:
    1. Daily: Mark their attendance each day (once per day) and at the beginning of every break-out session they attend (once per break-out session)
    2. Daily: Complete the speaker evaluation (once per day) and for each break-out session attended (once per break-out session)
    3. Daily: Complete and submit the Credit Attestation form to receive credit for the lectures completed (once per day). Not required for break-out sessions - credits will be automatically calculated based on attendance. NOTE: Submitting this attestation form ends your daily requirements. If you have not claimed the maximum credits available for that day, you will not be able to return to claim any missing credits for that day. 
    4. General: Complete the Activity Evaluation & Commitment to Change form - NOTE: completing this requirement ends your enrollment and completes the course. You will be awarded any credits claimed up to that point. If you have not claimed the maximum 16.00 credits available, you will not be able to return to claim missing credits - you should only submit this form once you are satisfied with your participation. 
  • Remember, MOC Credits are available for anyone registered for the CME Course. To earn MOC credits you must complete the MOC assessment which will be available on Monday, March 27. This is to allow everyone time to access the material for all the sessions. The assessment will be separate ad individual from the CME requirements. More information on the MOC Assessment will be available during the course. 

Non-CE/CME Instructions

These instructions are specific to Non-CE/CME registrants

  • If you miss any of the lectures don't worry! You will be able to watch any of the missed lectures once the recordings become available, and will have access to the recordings and course material for 6 months.
  • You are not required to mark your attendance to the course - all you need to do is pick up your badge from the registration desk upon arrival and proceed to the course.
  • If you plan on attending any break-out sessions, make sure to complete the sign-in form at the entrance to receive the course materials for that session. You must do this for each break-out session that you attend.
  • You do not have to complete any of the course requirements, however, you will have the option of completing similar feedback forms. If you wish to give feedback to our speakers, comment on the course, or give us feedback for this activity, we greatly appreciate your support by completing these feedback forms.
  • Attendance Certificates will be available on-site for those that pre-registered for the course. Please pass by the information booth near the front for instructions or consult the web app. If you do not pick up your certificate on-site, you can download a copy from your account by going to Your Transcripts.
  • Attendance Certificates will only be accessible to those who participate in the course in person, OR who access the lecture recordings once they become available.