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Session Recording Guidelines

If you are not sure whether you can meet the requirements below, start by scheduling a 15min AV Test session instead. We will use this to verify if your equipment is appropriate and can schedule a recording session after any needed changes are made.

Presentation Area Requirements:

  • Make sure you are in a quiet room, free of distractions and sound interruptions
  • No logos, copyrighted images, or licensed content should be viewable behind you. A plain wall, or lightly decorated office background is preferred.
  • Absolutely NO virtual backgrounds
  • Dress to impress - Do not record in scrubs.
  • Use a microphone if possible
  • Make sure you have appropriate lighting, We will be using both the Presentation recording AND your Video feed.

You must send in your final presentation at least 24 hours before your scheduled recording day. No edits will be allowed after the recording session. Remember we will be recording both your presentation and your video feed.