Technical Issues - Credits are not being reported to CE Broker

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 - by Support
Last Updated - 2021/11/18 11:05 AM EST

We were made aware of errors in the automatic reporting of credits earned. After internal reviews, it seems the error is in the way CE Broker is receiving our reporting data. We have contacted the CE Broker support team and are working to remedy the issue. 

Update 2021/11/23 - CE Broker Support is now directly in contact with our EthosCE Development team and working on this issue. We hope to have updates on this in the coming days. A system wide announcement will be sent via email once the issue has been resolved.

Update 2021/11/18 - We are still working on this issue. At this time, due to communication delays, we anticipate the issue may take an additional 2-3 business days to resolve.
Who does this issue impact? 

This issue only impacts Medical Doctors (and trainees), not DOs, that are licensed in the state of Florida, who have selected in their profiles to report earned credits to CE Broker. If you do not have the "Report to CE Broker" option selected in your Learner Profile, your credits are not being reported to CE Broker. If you do have this option checked on, but you are not a Medical Doctor, your credits are also not reported to CE Broker. 

For Doctors of Osteopathy, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, Physician Assistants, and other practitioners - We are not able to report to your respective boards as we are only registered to report with the Florida Board of Medicine. This also applies to Medical Doctors licensed outside of the state of Florida.

What courses are impacted?

This only includes courses that are set up to report earned credits automatically, which includes our live Pediatric Grand Rounds series, our Virtual Grand Rounds available on-demand, as well as our Board Review Course. All other weekly conferences, as well as the recent Pediatric Postgraduate Course and Human Growth Foundation Day activity are not affected.  At this time it looks like all earned credits earned in the past 7-10 days for the affected courses are showing errors in reporting.

Current solutions:

We are currently waiting on direction & instructions by the CE Broker Support Team. We anticipate this issue may take up to 72 hours to resolve. In the meantime we recommend to those affected to wait until the issue is resolved as our system will continue to "report" the data to CE Broker. We expect that once the connection issue is resolved any credit showing an error in reporting will be pushed through as usual.

In the event you are not able to wait until this issue is resolved, you can self-report your credits to CE Broker. To do so, please visit Your Transcript and either print a transcript of your earned credits, or print the completion certificate for the activity(ies) you wish to report. Then, follow the instructions on the CE Broker Support Center article on how to Self-Report CE Courses to your Account.

We sincerely apologize for any problems this reporting issue may cause. Check back to this page for updates, we will post new information as soon as it is available. If you have any further questions please contact

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