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You must complete the submission form below to submit a video for upload to the MedEd YouTube Channel.

The Medical Education YouTube channel is targeted to physicians and clinical practitioners. Videos should focus on educational or informative content, content related to Medical Education topics or events, or general videos about Medical Education and Studies. This channel is not targeted for Patients and Families.Upload requests are only allowed for internal hospital staff. For questions, please contact cme@nicklaushealth.org.

DO NOT SUBMIT COPYRIGHTED CONTENT FOR UPLOAD. Copyright strikes against our channel can result in having our channel suspended or shut down. Copyrighted content can include background music, or videos played during a presentation. If your video includes copyrighted content, you must obtain permission from the content creator (or a Creative Commons License) and save the documentation in your submission folder.

Before you complete this form:

  1. Open the following folder from the public Hospital Share Drive: W:\MEDICAL EDUCATION\YouTube Content\_Upload Submission
  2. Create a folder inside the “_Upload Submissions” folder. The folder name should be the same as Title for the video.
  3. Use this folder to upload and save all the required files for your submission. If your files are not available in this folder, we will not process your submission. Make sure the files are titled accordingly
Video Details
Select which playlist to include your video in. If you wish to create a new playlist, select "Add New Playlist" and enter the name of the playlist you wish to create.
Enter the title for your video. This should be the same name as your video submission folder.

Enter a description for your video. You are not allowed to add any formatting, but you can include links. For examples on how to write a YouTube Video description, check out https://creatoracademy.youtube.com/page/lesson/descriptions


While not required, creating a Video Thumbnail is highly recommended. If you do not submit a thumbnail we will pick from the still images of your video provided by YouTube. If you want information on creating a video thumbnail, check out https://creatoracademy.youtube.com/page/lesson/thumbnails

Our YouTube default is to set all our videos as NOT MADE FOR KIDS, as this channel is intended for physicians. Depending on the educational content shown, some videos may include graphic content (such as injuries, graphic medical procedures, etc.). Do you wish to restrict the video to viewers over 18yo? (Doing so will limit where the video is listed)
YouTube requires it to be made public if anything of value was accepted from a 3rd party company in order to make the video.
Please describe the nature of the promotional content included in your video
Tags help viewers find content related to their searches or interests. Enter as many tags as possible, separated by a comma. Leaving this blank can limit who finds your video. (Limit: 500 tags)