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News and Updates for Registrants
06/31/2023 - Update
Videos for Day 1 and Day 2 are now available, with the videos for Day 3 to be added later today. To view, click the buttons above to view the content for each day, then scroll to the session you wish to see and click the Recording Link button
05/21/2023 - Day 3 - Notices
• Remember to complete and submit your Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 speaker evaluation forms.
• Today is the last day to view the pictures of the day, and review the responses - make sure to take a look!
• Don't forget to watch the virtual sessions! V01 - Development, V02 - Genetics, and V03 - Pulmonology. All are available online for you to watch on demand.
• The Activity Evaluation & Credit Claim form will be available at 3:00 PM today. You should complete this form when you are done with the course content and ready to claim your credits.
• You will have until December 22, 2023, to access the course content and complete any requirements
Activity Handouts
Individual activity handouts will be available in the course content section soon. You can get started by downloading our pack files below: 
Download the handouts for Day 1
Download the handouts for Day 2
Download the handouts for Day 3
05/19/2023 - Day 1 - Notices
• Click here to complete your Day 1 Speaker Evaluation Form - (required for credit)
Update 05/16/2023
• We've had minor changes in the program which are now visible in the main course page and will be reflected in the course portal soon
• We have added the "Join ARS Sessions" button, which allows you to participate in some of our sessions using PollEverywhere. The page will become active on Day 1 of the course.
• We will also be adding an icon next to each session that will be using the PollEverywhere system on the schedule at a glance for your reference
Update 05/10/2023
• Welcome to the 26th Annual GPRSA Course! Please be patient as the course site is built as many links are not yet working. Check back here for updates