Important Session Dates:

  • The Attendance Code expires 8 HOURS after the session starts.
  • You have 15 days (~2 weeks) from the date of the session to complete the requirements and claim credits.

How to complete this session:

Use the buttons on the navigation bar below or use the Course Outline on the left to skip ahead.

1) Participate & mark your attendance

We will show a 6 letter attendance code during the session. Mark your attendance by texting the attendance code to (954) 266-0882 or by entering it at The code expires 8 hours after the session starts and changes with each session.

2) Complete the Post-Survey

To be eligible for CME credits for this session...

Learners intending to claim CME must complete all the steps listed above and have their learner profile up to date. Click here to review and update your learner profile.

This course expires 15 days after the session takes place (at midnight). You will have until then to complete all the requirements. 

We will not be able to grant you access after the session expires.

Frequently Asked Questions

I missed the attendance code, how do I mark my attendance? Expand DropdownClose Dropdown

Please contact the coordinator for this activity to mark you attendance. The coordinator will confirm your attendance before marking you present.

The session's coordinator is listed in the description for this session, which can be viewed by clicking here.

I can't complete the requirements now, how do I get back to this page? Expand DropdownClose Dropdown

You will have until the activity expires to complete the requirements. There are a few ways to get back to this page:

  • If you've marked your attendance you will receive an email with a link to this session.
  • This activity and all other pending/incomplete activities can be seen in your Pending Activities Menu. You can access this from the website menu under "My Account"
  • This session, and all other sessions related to this series, can be found under the respective series home page. A list of all available series can be found in the website menu under "Live Activities"
How do I text the attendance code? Expand DropdownClose Dropdown

To text the attendance code, use your phone's messaging program and text the code to (954) 266-0882.

Texting the code is ONE of the options to mark your attendance, you can also do any of the following:

  • Go to and enter the code there
  • Click "Start" or "Resume" Activity buttons in the navigation bar below to reach the Attendance requirement page. You will be asked to enter the code before proceeding
I texted the code but I still don't show as "present", what do I do now? Expand DropdownClose Dropdown

For the "Text to Confirm" attendance function to work your mobile number must be configured in your profile. At the moment, your profile is configured as follows:

Your Mobile Number: [current-user:sms-user-phone-number]
Your Mobile Status: Blocked

If the information above is incorrect, you can click here to update your mobile number settings, this will lauch in a new page. Any pending attendance requirements will be matched to your account (if done before any pending condes expire)

Where do I see my credits? Expand DropdownClose Dropdown

Click here to view your transcript and all earned credits. The link can also be found through the website menu under "My Account"